Jetson One is a 60mph Electric Flying Car that Requires No Pilot License

Jestson One is an eVTOL aircraft, and it is the first vehicle of its type to be available for sale.

Jestson One is an eVTOL aircraft, and it is the first vehicle of its type to be available for sale.

Jetson One in Action
Jetson One.

Word about a Tesla flying car has started making the rounds. However, it's the Jetson One. This car is up for pre-orders and plenty of them been made already. The most intriguing thing about all this fiasco is that this car does not need a license to operate, neither is any prior flight knowledge needed as a prerequisite.

Not a Tesla

Before the revelation of Jetson One, everyone was of the mind that this flying car would be a Tesla, however the only thing that’s connecting them both are the batteries that run Tesla Cars. Before Jetson One, every innovation about cars would be traced back to Tesla, seeing as how Tesla values innovation and constantly works to enhance the driving experience for users. However, earlier this year Tesla was described by musk as a leading AI Company, which meant it telling itself apart from developing cars only, to other inventions such as Tesla bot.

Jetson One Specifications

Jetson Aero Co-founder Tomasz Patan in an interview with business insider described Jetson One as a flying car built solely for one passenger. The vehicle's eight electric motors give it a top speed of 63 miles per hour, and its Tesla battery cells allow for a flight time of up to 20 minutes. The vehicle can reach an altitude of 1,500 feet above ground level and support a pilot weighing up to 210 pounds.

It's known as an eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, it is the first vehicle of its type to be available for sale. With a weight of only 190 pounds, it's been categorized as ultralight, meaning it stays in line with FAA rules and ultimately does not need a license to fly.

Exterior Design

The exterior of Jetson One is a great mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber. These materials make the aircraft lightweight, thus allowing users to always enjoy their flight. On the exterior are the 8 engines powering the aircraft, so in case one engine breaks down, others are able to keep it afloat.

Jetson One’s Powerful AI

What sets Jetson One’s AI apart from other AI’s is that its highly automated software system that makes the aircraft easy to fly even for a first timer. Tomasz Patan says that; “they can put anyone in the seat and that person will be able to fly in a matter of minutes”. The flight computer is equipped with a Lidar sensor system that allows terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance to steer clear of power lines, trees, and buildings.

It also comes fitted with an auto-landing system, all you have to do is cut the acceleration, and the aircraft automatically lands in a nearby area. As a protective measure, if all the motors in the aircraft fail there’s a rapid deploying ballistic parachute on board as a last resort.


This car is available for pre-order as of now, but even if you the full amount upfront, you can’t get it until next year. The Jetson One is sold for $92,000. To pre-order, interested consumers will make a down payment of $22,000 first, and $70,000 at the time of receiving.