Windows 12 Could Arrive in 2024 as Microsoft Renews Update Schedule

Windows 12 in essence is only two years away, according to the reports.

Windows 12 in essence is only two years away, according to the reports.

Windows 12 Coming as soon as 2024
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A new report says Microsoft is changing the pace at which it releases a new version of windows. Basically, it's making two changes in its policy, the first one being that it would release a new version of windows every three years and the second one that says its feature updates would arrive even faster.

Changing in Policy

According to windows central, Microsoft has decided to move back to its old cycle of releasing a new version of windows every three years. Microsoft originally moved away from its three-year cycle with the release of Windows 10 in 2015, prioritizing the idea of Windows as a service. Additionally, it has decided that the feature updates it releases (commonly known as “21H2” or “May Update”), it will move on to a pace of 4 times per year.

Feature Updates

Alongside the next version of Windows in 2024, Microsoft still has plans to keep Windows 11 fresh in the years ahead. The software maker has been moving away from its original promise of big annual updates for Windows 11 in recent months, preferring to ship major features once they’re ready. The next major update, 22H2, is currently expected to arrive in September or October, after it was finalized recently by Microsoft.

Microsoft said in February that it was exploring new ways of rolling out new features for Windows on its own arbitrary schedule. Microsoft said it would do so through the use of “experience packs,” bits of code that would basically just show up in Windows Update. These new features will simply appear. So, instead of a big yearly feature update, Microsoft will issue smaller feature updates every few months, up to four of them per year.

Effect of these Changes

These changes, would be welcome by some, avoided by others, as in hindsight, a new version of windows always takes a few years of polishing and refining to actually become usuable. So, these changes could be troubling. For consumers, the new changes may be a bit unsettling, as the ground shifts beneath and operating system they’ve become accustomed to. On the other hand, those who like and appreciate new features and things to play with will be thrilled.

by Talha Shaikhani