New WhatsApp Features You Need to Know About

Mute Individuals on Group Calls, Polls, Instagram Reels on WhatsApp and more.

Mute Individuals on Group Calls, Polls, Instagram Reels on WhatsApp and more.

New Whatsapp Features 2 GB 2022
Whatsapp (Image: Unsplash)

WhatsApp, a meta-owned company now, has always been swift in rolling out new features, and at present it's able to perform multiple fascinating tasks. However, this train of updates never stops and in the future, WhatsApp is looking to add even more features to its app. Some might find it compelling, others may find it unnecessary. Let’s take a look at all the features that might make the final cut.

Mute Individuals on Group Calls

WhatsApp now allows you to cut out disruptive noise from the people who may have forgotten to turn their microphone off.

Stealthily Leave Group Chats

In the future, WhatsApp may allow users to discreetly leave the group chat without displaying a message for everyone to see, your departure will be visible to group admins however.


This update will allow users to create several individual groups and bring them together under a single community and manage them.

Larger Group Size and Call Size

The number of participants in a group will be increased from 256 to 512, and the group call limit is also being increased to 32 people.

More Emoji Reactions

WhatsApp is also adding more emoji reactions on messages.

Delete Unwanted Messages

Future updates could also allow admins to delete certain messages in the group chat.

Chat Filters

WhatsApp will bring the chat filter feature to standard users as well instead of business users only.


WhatsApp will allow users to create polls and add up to 12 options in it.

Quick Reactions on Status Updates

Just like Instagram, WhatsApp will allow users to quick react from the WhatsApp statuses without having to message in inbox.

More Time Limit for Deleting Messages

Currently, you can safely delete the sent messages under 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. However, the limit is being increased to 2 days and 12 hours.

Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

The feature will reportedly allow users to watch Instagram Reels directly from the messaging app.

Other Notable Features

Aside from the abovementioned features, other rumored WhatsApp features include the ability to buy insurance directly from WhatsApp as well as an improved version of Archived Chats; “Read Later”.

Additionally, WhatsApp will allow the users to logout from their devices, which will in turn allow us to use WhatsApp from multiple devices.

by Talha Shaikhani