Tesla's "Model Pi" Phone Could Communicate From Mars to Earth

With the help of Starlink connections, the phone can also be used on Mars to communicate with people on Earth.

With the help of Starlink connections, the phone can also be used on Mars to communicate with people on Earth.

Tesla Model Pi Phone Mars Starlink
Image: Antonio De Rose / concept-phones.com

Elon Musk announces plans to for a smartphone that is designed to work on Mars. The details of the phone have been revealed through several leaks.

A lot of rumors have been circulating regarding Tesla possibly developing a mobile phone but the rumors remain yet unconfirmed, but if it’s happening, we can be damn sure that it’ll be one of the genius inventions of a great mind such as Musk, as always. As per the information gathered, the rumors might actually turn out to be true. Musk said in an interview; “Many smartphones software updates present problems for users, whether it be compatibility, speed, and security. Also, as an iPhone user, each update becomes less impressive for users.”

Moreover, earlier this year, a model of a Tesla phone was released by designer Antonio De Rose. He along with his team released a full concept of what a Tesla smartphone might look like. All this information and rumors indicate that the company will launch the Tesla Model Pi for sure.

Tesla Model Pi Phone Mars Starlink 2
Image: Antonio De Rose / concept-phones.com

When a phone comes from a company as esteemed and top of its field as Tesla, you’d be expecting it to be jam packed with innovative technology and features, and it sure as hell doesn’t disappoint. The Tesla Phone will come loaded with some awesome tech, just like the Tesla Cars. Here are the features as follows:

SpaceX Starlink Internet

The Starlink integration is absolutely the best part about the Model Pi. The Tesla smartphone will be compatible with SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service. Even in remote and rural areas where mobile network struggles to reach, high-speed internet will be available directly from the satellite. The speed of this smartphone will be lightning fast. In addition, with the help of Starlink connections, the phone can also be used on Mars to communicate with people on Earth.


This is another innovative feature that will bring about a breakthrough in the smartphone industry. Neuralink is another company of Elon Musk that dwells into things like reading information directly from the human brain and helping to restore some brain functions with the help of chips. Although, Neuralink is still a long way from producing consumer-level brain-machine interface devices. But we can expect some other kind of fascinating neural integration in the smartphone.

Tesla Car Linking

This was kind of a given and obvious feature that the Model Pi smartphone will be able to link with the Tesla Car. By linking it with the car you’ll be able to control its functions like locking and unlocking the electric vehicle.

Solar Charging

Another innovative and breathtaking feature is the phone’s ability to charge itself using the Solar Power. Whenever your battery runs out and bringing your electric charger slipped out of your mind, all you need to do is step out in the sun and your phone will charge itself, absorbing power from the sun.

Crypto Mining Resources for Marscoin

We all know how hell bent is Musk on colonizing mars correct? He now says the phone will enable crypto currency mining for Marscoin; it is defined as a crypto currency and governance that goes hand to hand with the needs of those who want to settle in Mars one day. Currently, Marscoin trades at $0.061 against USDT and BTC at popular coin exchanges like XT.com and Finebox. Marscoin is valued at $6 per coin, if you’re interested in investing.

Four Cameras

It is rumored that we might be able use these four cameras simultaneously. Like one to shoot a normal picture, other for the video capturing and so on. Another value-added feature in the phone is that you’ll be able to edit your pictures right in the phone.

All of these incredible features are likely to be expected in the rumored Tesla’s Model Pi but no official announcements have been made as of now so sit tight with your fingers crossed and wait!

by Talha Shaikhani