Space Rock Portable Wireless Speaker. Is it any Good?

Space Rock Portable Wireless Speaker Pakistan

Space Tech recently released a new Portable Bluetooth Speaker (RK-847) which offers Multiple sound input options and good battery timings. So today we will talk about its features and downsides.

Sound and Quality

Space Rock RK-847 comes with a 4" 6W speaker driver. It produces decent sound quality and is fairly loud for a small room. A quick thing I noticed when I first played sound on it, is that it doesn't reproduce very good bass. It can be enhanced through custom settings on software equalizer, such as on your smartphone's music player app. But there are other alternatives in the same price range offering better bass quality.


The Space Rock BT Speaker Supports many different inputs to play music. It has Bluetooth 5.0 which offers faster connectivity compared to older versions. Although your device should support Bluetooth 5.0 as well in order to take full advantage of that. Moreover, you can plug in a Micro SD card directly, a USB flash drive, or provide input through an AUX cable. Connectivity is great on this portable speaker so I personally consider this an upside.

Build Quality and Size

The RK-847 is build out of textured plastic. The body feels cheap and fragile. But for the price, there isn't much you can get anyways so I suppose that's expected. In my case, the speaker's front grill came slightly dented (grill is made of metal). Although that wasn't very noticeable but you can see it in the picture. This shows that it's not immune to damage and wear overtime. So, if that's something you care about, Space Rock RK-847 may not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, the body is fairly compact and can easily fit in a travel bag. Although you can easily find smaller speakers in the similar price range.

Battery Life and Other Features

The speaker comes with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery. According to their website, it will last for 3-4 hours. AS for charging time, it's about the same as well (i.e. 3-4 hours). The RK-847 offers nice looking front grill along with a nice RGB light that changes colors. It looks nice and doesn't affect the battery life much. This is one of the best things about this speaker which makes it different from other alternative portable speakers in the same price range.


After a good few months of use, I have had some issues with it. For instance, the volume dial has stopped functioning properly. However, it does come with a 6-month warranty so you can get it replaced. The only way to use it now is to set the volume to either of two points where is works, and anywhere else the speaker doesn't work. In my case, it works at around 20% volume and then at around 90-100% volume. Anywhere in between it won't play. The speaker has also seen some damage upon collisions. If you care about build quality and sound quality, you will have to spend the extra money and buy other mid-range alternative portable speakers. However, if your budget is tight, the Space Rock RK-847 offers great connectivity and design.

by Talha Shaikhani